Watercolors and various techniques, combined with great imagination can describe both the personality and the talent of Marie Ange Moignot Lehec. She's an artist, whose meticulous attention to detail is inspirational and delivered with vision, and is supplemented by a mythical quality of perfection and mystery, of thought and life.

Thought she's experienced since many years, this schoolmistress started exposing only recently, which reveals her wisdom, as in her painting full of symbolism, sometimes inspired by far-eastern artists.

Her strange or hieratic characters are always aware of consideration and elements with grace, elegance and self-confident attitude which let admiring, because of the less of technical and pictorial resources.

In return, the suggestion and the dynamics of the valuable sign of Marie Ange Moignot Lehec are dazzling, and always gathered with a remarkable rigorous architecture, with colors intimately chosen.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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